One of our favourite websites for maths is called Top Marks.

This excellent website has a range of maths activities for different ages, including many which can be played on tablets.


One of our favourite games in particular is called Hit The Button.

Hit the Buttons is excellent for giving children the chance to practise the basics like number bonds, times tables and division facts, halves and doubles. We highly recommend it as a fun tool for practising times tables in particular.


The Gingerbread man game.

This is a simple but effective activity for teaching young children the numbers 1 to 10, including matching and sequencing. 


Addition and subtraction

A range of adding and subtraction games can be found on Math Playground.


Word problems

Often in maths lessons, we give the children word problems to answer. These are similar to the kind of questions children are asked in assessment tests.  There are lots of examples of word problems on this website, including Thinking Blocks, which are very similar to bar modelling questions we use in school. 



This page has something for everyone – whether you are just starting to learn the names of your shapes, or if you are learning to find perimeter, or moving on to more complicated skills like measuring angles, there are plenty of activities here.  


Key Stage 2 Maths

The BBC’s school section is very handy for helping children aged 7 to 11 learn those trickier Key Stage 2 skills.


Maths Chase

This is a free maths website that allows children to test their addition, subtraction, division and multiplication skills.