Latest Attendance Figures

25th March 2022
Our latest attendance figures give you the chance to see how attendance is looking in your child's class. 
There was a very tight battle in the race for the best attendance last week. 6M beat 4M by just 0.1% to claim last week's best attendance! Well done 6M and unlucky 4M - you were so close!
Class % Attendance
F2A 97.8
F2B 91.6
1KJ 92.7
1J 96
2G 95
2R 96.7
3D 96.3
3W 93.3
4M 98.7
4O 97.7
5MS 95.7
5W 82.1
6M 98.8
6TL 88.4
TOTAL 94.4