Local Sports Activities

Last week we celebrated the New Year by holding a ‘Health Week’ across school. Children had the opportunity to visit local clubs and try a new sport, and also tried some new things in school. They enjoyed competing against each other but also trying to beat their own score in our personal challenges.  All children set a New Year Resolution based around health, whether it be doing more exercise, drinking more water or going to bed a little bit earlier.  If your child is interested in taking up any activities that were offered last week, you can find more details by clicking the following links;

Gymnastics at West Denton Leisure Centre https://www.better.org.uk/gymnastics-west-denton-leisure-centre

Kickboxing at West Denton Community Centre http://www.mmanewcastle.co.uk/jaime-kickboxing/

Swimming at West Denton Leisure https://www.better.org.uk/leisure-centre/newcastle/west-denton

Northern Dance Stars at West Denton Community Centre https://wdcc.communitybookings.co.uk/northern-dance-stars

Badminton at Tyneside Badminton Centre (Slatyford) http://tynesidebadmintoncentre.co.uk/