Letter from Dame Stephenson

18th May 2020
Dear Families,
We are busy preparing the school to make sure we can reopen as safely as possible to more children. Your head teacher wrote to you last week to explain how we would be following the government guidelines and trying our very best to keep your children safe.
I have a son, his name is Benjamin, he’s my only child. I adore him as you love your children. Would I have sent him back to school? I highly value education and know that time missed at school is difficult to catch up- even with brilliant parents supporting them. Benjamin and I clash over homework, I apparently don’t do it right. 
My son is fit and healthy, no underlying severe health conditions so the science shown by the government assured me if he catches it, he’s likely to be fine. 
So, in balancing up a school doing its best to keep my son safe and his long term needs to have a good education then yes, I would send my son back.
As your CEO, I can’t promise your child won’t pick up any infections in school of any variety. But I can assure you that we are following government guidance and we have to believe they know what they are doing. The government are not perfect ( I know that may come as a shock) but they do appear to genuinely care about your children. 
So in the coming days you will be contacted by school with the details of the days your child/ children are in and start times etc. I hope your child can join us and see their friends and teachers again. 
I ask that all parents stay extra vigilant and don’t send your child in if they have any signs of illness. That way we can all fight this virus and protect our children.
The government has mentioned June 1st for reopening if the R rate is lower and they feel it is safe. As soon as they confirm this then we will be ready. 
Our trust of schools is called Valour, let’s be valiant and get the heart back into our schools- the children.
Keep safe
Dame Nicola Stephenson.