Latest Attendance Figures

17th June 2022
Here are our latest attendance figures for the week beginning the 6th June.  6TL had the best attendance with 99.2%. Wow! Well done 6TL.
Meanwhile, last half term's attendance prize was won by... 6M! Fabulous news! Well done 6M, you'll be getting a movie and hot dog afternoon as a reward. 
Class % Attendance
F2A 93.5
F2B 90.5
1KJ 97.5
1J 95.2
2G 94.8
2R 92.4
3D 91.4
3W 90.8
4M 90.5
4O 85.8
5MS 95.7
5W 90.2
6M 92.2
6TL 99.2
TOTAL 92.9