Latest Attendance Figures

20th November 2020
Here are our latest attendance figures for the week beginning the 9th November. This time, 3D have our best attendance with 99.2%. Well done 3D! 
Our overall leaderboard for this half term looks like this:

1st Chipmunks (F2A)

2nd Elephants (1KJ)

3rd Gophers (2G) and Pink Hippos (5MS)


Well done Chipmunks - you're still out there in the lead! 


Class % Attendance
F2A 97.6
F2B 94.9
1R 94.9
1KJ 96.5
2M 87.9
2G 97.2
3M 95.9
3D 99.2
4M 98
4O 96.2
5MS 97.5
5R 96.5
6M 92.8
6TL 94.5
TOTAL 95.6