Latest Attendance Figures

16th October 2020
It's that time of the week when we like to celebrate attendance in the school. This week, our attendance is up from 95.7% to 96.4%. We had four classes achieving more than 99%, which is brilliant. F2A, 2G and 3D all achieved 99.3% and our winner this week, 3M, had a fantastic 99.7% attendance. A huge well done to the children in those classes. 
Our overall leaderboard for the term is:

1St – Chipmunks (F2A)

2nd – Meerkats (3M)

3rd – Elephants (1KJ) and Gophers (2G)


Well done Chipmunks, you're still leading the way!

Class % Attendance
F2A 99.3
F2B 95.9
1R 93.8
1KJ 98.6
2M 90.9
2G 99.3
3M 99.7
3D 99.3
4M 97.2
4O 96.3
5MS 92.3
5R 92.9
6M 97.1
6TL 96.9
TOTAL 96.4