Latest Attendance Figures

9th October 2020
Here are our attendance figures for the week beginning the 28th September.
This time, 5MS came very close to first place with 99.3%, however it is 6M who have our best attendance with a perfect 100%. Wow! Well done 6M!
There is still no change in the top three for attendance this week :

1st Class F2A – Chipmunks

Joint 2nd are F2B – Parrots and 3M – Meerkats

However 1KJ (Elephants) and 2G (Gophers) are only 1 point behind 2nd place!

So well done to the Chipmunks for holding on to the top spot for another week!

Class % Attendance
F2A 95.3
F2B 97.8
1R 98.5
1KJ 97.1
2M 87.9
2G 96.5
3M 97.1
3D 94.4
4M 98.6
4O 92.6
5MS 99.3
5R 92.6
6M 100
6TL 94.9
TOTAL 95.7