Kangaroo Club

For those of you who use it, you will know that Kangaroo Club is a fantastic after school club where your children can go to spend time with friends, catch up on homework, and have fun doing lots of activities. 

From 19th February 2018 Kangaroo Club will now be charging £1.00 per child up to 4.00pm and £2.00 up to 4.45pm.

Booking slips must be completed each week and can be collected from the office reception desk. Full payment must be made in advance on a Monday morning of the week ahead.

Working parents may be able to apply for help towards this cost at www.childcarechoices.gov.uk.


  •         Any child who uses Kangaroo Club must be registered – forms can be collected from the school office.
  •         Children going to Kangaroo Club will be escorted to the hall by a member of staff at 3.20, giving parents time to pick their child up from the classroom if they are not going.
  •         Children who attend clubs, who are then going to Kangaroo Club, will be escorted to the hall by a member of staff so they can be registered.
  •         Parents should know which club or booster their child is attending so they know where to go to collect their child.
  •         If children arrive home, they should not be sent back to Kangaroo Club.
  •         If parents come to pick their child up, they should then take them home at 3.10 rather than them staying at Kangaroo to avoid confusion as to whether their child has been recorded as having left.
  •         Kangaroo Club finishes at 5 o’clock at the latest, parents should pick up their child by 4.50 at the latest.
  •         Parents must pick up their child/ children at either 4:00 or 4:45.  Kangaroo Club doors will be closed from 3.30 – 4.00. 
  •         Aggression, bad language towards the staff and repeated lateness will not be tolerated and will result in your child losing their place at Kangaroo.