Reader, Writer, Speller, Mathematician and Star of the Week

24th June 2022
It's Friday which means it's time to find out the winners of our weekly awards! It's never an easy decision picking our winners especially with so many children working hard right across the school. Well done if you have been picked this week - we're very proud of you all. 


Reader of the Week – Austin Erskine

Writer of the Week – Thomas Selby

Mathematician of the Week – Junior Taylor

Star of the Week – Isabella Johnston



Reader of the Week – Corey Hayles

Writer of the Week – Darla Dunwoodie

Mathematician of the Week – Leo Mallet

Star of the Week – Jacob Spence



Reader of the Week – Oliver Graham

Writer of the Week – Freya Jewell

Mathematician of the Week – Sophie Jackson

Speller of the week – Masroor Minhas

Star of the Week – Chase Notman



Reader of the Week –  Mason Wilkinson

Writer of the Week – Iris Bau-Agyeman

Mathematician of the Week – Ollie Murray

Speller of the week – Bobbi-Mae Pearson

Star of the Week – Finn Atkins



Reader of the Week – Payton-May Barton

Writer of the Week – Neel Bharti

Mathematician of the Week – Fatimah Azad

Speller of the week – Josie Donaldson

Star of the Week – Jack Marshall



Reader of the Week – River Keenan

Writer of the Week – Daisie Robinson

Mathematician of the Week – Roman Coyle

Speller of the week – Izzie Goodall

Star of the Week – Millie Johnson



Reader of the Week – Ollie Tierney

Writer of the Week – Jennifer Campbell

Mathematician of the Week – Ethan Renwick

Speller of the week – Hollie Lowery

Star of the Week – Millie-Leigh Calvert



Reader of the Week – Beatriz Da Gloria Dias Teixeira

Writer of the Week – Lilly Oetting

Mathematician of the Week – Elliot Lambert

Speller of the week – Lilly Jardine

Star of the Week – Lennon Davison



Reader of the Week – Jasmine Jones

Writer of the Week –  James Hull

Mathematician of the Week – Oliver Barnes

Speller of the week – Ben Rochester

Star of the Week – Eesha Amjad



Reader of the Week – Aryan Hussein

Writer of the Week – Oscar Mills

Mathematician of the Week –  David Gibbon

Speller of the week – Frankie Slater

Star of the Week – Savannah Tullin



Reader of the Week – AJ Kelley

Writer of the Week – Macie Taylor

Mathematician of the Week – Ethan Kelley

Speller of the week – Annaya Amjad

Star of the Week – Harry Hall



Reader of the Week – Amelia Battista

Writer of the Week – Jorgie Darrington

Mathematician of the Week – Gisellatyne Battista

Speller of the week – Lola Turner

Star of the Week – Joshua Scott



Reader of the Week – Maddie Cowen

Writer of the Week – Michael Trussler

Mathematician of the Week – Dhara Amin

Speller of the week – Ellie Hutchinson

Star of the Week – Vinnie Thompson



Reader of the Week – Billy Kay

Writer of the Week – Layla Byren

Mathematician of the Week – Lexi Routledge

Speller of the week – Jazbah Kanwal

Star of the Week – Scarlett Dixon