September Plans

23rd July 2021
September plans

While we are looking forward to getting nearer and nearer to completely normal, we would like to keep some things in place, and change things slightly from before Covid to continue to keep children safe in school.

School is closed for staff training on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th of September, children return on Wednesday 8th.
School will start at 8.55 – and end at 3.10. There will be no staggered starts or ends to the day.
Breakfast club will run from 8.15 – 8.45 from Wednesday 8th. Initially we will continue for working parents who have attended in the summer term but we will open it to all as soon as we can.

Kangaroo club will start the second week back – details on how to register will follow.

All gates will be open from 8.40 – children come onto the yard unaccompanied if possible. All children will line up when the bell goes at 8.55

At the start of the day, parents of children from Reception and Key Stage 1 bring children onto the KS1 yard, teachers collect children from the yard, parents do not come into the classrooms with the children. Nursery parents should line up at the nursery yard gate, the teachers will bring them in to the classroom from there.

If they need to speak to staff, they can make an appointment for after school for a meeting or a phone call. This is to keep control over the number of people and sanitising within classrooms.

Dinner money/ trip money etc should be paid for as they have been this year – over the phone where possible or cash into school in an envelope.

If you need to speak to someone in the office, give them a call and, if necessary, they will make an appointment.

Meetings with Sharron Macdonald or Lynne Woodward should be booked in advance, if you need to speak to them urgently, please call the office.

At the end of the day, gates will be unlocked at 3 o’clock. Children will all finish school at 3.10 and will be brought to the yard. Children can be picked up from there or from outside the gates. If you do come onto the yard to pick up, please collect your child and go.

Parents of children in Early years and Key Stage 1 can come onto the yard to collect children as they are let out. Children will be able to get themselves ready to leave the classroom so parents should wait outside. Parents of children in Key Stage 2 can wait in the playground or outside of the gate if their child doesn’t walk home on their own.

**please be patient with us if all of this has to change over the summer due to government advice…**