Parents' concerns from survey

17th July 2020
Thank you if you took part in our survey earlier this week. 
We have answered some of the main concerns raised by parents and carers in the survey.
We had difficulty with home schooling, my child was frustrated. Have I done enough?
We’ll be honest, even being teachers we have had the same worries about home learning with our own children. It is very different teaching your own children! We know families have done their very best in a completely new situation so try to leave this worry behind as things return to a new normal.
I feel my child will now be behind in their learning. How will they catch up?
All teachers have met to discuss the best ways to ensure all children make maximum progress in the year ahead. We will be starting with short practical tasks and lots of speaking and listening to build confidence and recap on any basic skills they may have forgotten.
My child’s behaviour has been difficult since they have been away from school. How can school help?
This was a really common concern that families shared. We have all been out of routine for so long. We are confident that once children settle into their school routine this will help support any behaviour issues – Even putting their uniform on will change their mind set back into school mode! If you need further support please make an appointment to speak to your child’s teacher in the first week back so we can quickly act on any concerns.
I am worried about how we will manage a whole new routine. How will school look and what will be different?
We understand the concern parents have about the changing routine of the school day. This will be the biggest change for us all but is the only way we can avoid too many people in one place. Rest assured that children will have the same amount of time outside and for lunch as they would normally and they will be with the other children in their year group. We also appreciate the frustration at the staggering of start and end times but this is the safest way to get all children into school and we know you’ll agree that the safety is the most important thing.
I am worried about my child’s long term mental health. How can school help me manage their anxiety?
Teachers have been doing training on how best to support children who may have anxiety about returning to school. We are also planning on including a lot of activities where children will be given the chance to discuss their worries and explore ways of coping with them.
My child is lacking enthusiasm and not enjoying what they used to. Can school help?
Teachers are confident that once children are back at school and their routine returns to normal their enthusiasm and enjoyment will return. We will monitor children closely to ensure that all children are included an involved.
My child is emotional, sensitive and withdrawn. How will they cope returning to school?
We have planned lots of outdoor team building, group work tasks and speaking and listening which are designed to help children socialise and be able to connect with their peers once more. We are prepared that some children may find the first few days back tricky so we have plans in place to support the children who need it most.
Are the classrooms big enough to have 30 children and still socially distance?
Mr Redpath and Mrs Eatock have walked around every classroom to measure and arrange furniture. Children will sit in rows so they are all facing forward which is the guidance we have been given from the government. Children will be in their own class bubble. They will have their own pencil case and equipment given to them when they start in September and they will sit at the same desk every day. We will remind children about social distancing within their bubbles. We will also ensure that children wash their hands regularly and also that strict cleaning measures are in place round the clock.
I am worried my child’s friendship groups will be affected. Will they have playtimes together be able to interact with their peers as normal?
Children will have a normal length playtime with their whole year group. Year groups will be separated but your child will still be with all of their friends. Children will also have plenty of time to work with their peers in the classroom and to build on their friendships once more.
I am worried about keeping my child safe. What is there is a second wave?
This is a worry shared by many. However what we can say is that Newcastle have an accurate track and trace system, which we are keeping up to date with. We will also continue to follow government guidance and recommendations to keep our whole school community safe.
My child is a slow eater will they have time to eat their lunch? And will they get a hot meal? Children will have the same amount of time at lunchtimes. The only difference will be that we will begin lunch sittings earlier and they will finish later. Children will still have a choice of lunches including hot meals.
I am worried about travelling to school by bus. How can I stay safe?
We understand the concerns of using public transport, especially if you haven’t for some time. However, bus companies have excellent systems in place and the use of face coverings will make it significantly safer too.
I rely on Breakfast club and Kangaroo club to be able to work. When will these restart?
We appreciate the difficulty facing parents who rely on before and after school childcare, however, under current guidelines we are unable to provide this due to the number of children who attend and that it would be mixing year group bubbles. As soon as we are given further guidance that allows the mixing of larger groups of children we will begin plans to re-introduce these.
My child has worked hard over lockdown. Will they be challenged enough in September?
Staff will use the first week back to really get to know your child and the specific needs they have whether this be additional support or further challenge. If you have more specific concerns please make an appointment to see your child’s new teacher in the first week back so we can act on your concerns early on. I am worried what will happen if my child needs to be comforted.
Will they be able to have a hug to reassure them?
As you know our vision in Beech Hill is that children feel happy, safe and loved. This is as important now as it’s ever been so if your child needs comforting with a hug they will get one!