Cyber bullying

15th November 2019
We'd like to share with you a piece of work completed by three Year 6 children that we are really proud of. 
This week, it has been Anti-bullying week in school. This is a national campaign which teaches children to recognise bullying and to know how to stop it. The children have been hearing about anti-bullying in assemblies and in lessons. 
A very important aspect of anti-bullying is Cyber bullying, which is when bullying happens over the internet.
To tell the children more about Cyber bullying, Om, Ellie and Harley from Year 6 created a special assembly presentation. These three Year 6 children are our "e-cadets" and their job is to help be excellent role models for others when it comes to using computers and the internet. 
The children worked hard for several weeks on their assembly, which included information, advice and a quiz. We are very proud of them, especially for standing up by themselves in front of all of Key Stage 2 to deliver the assembly. 
Their Cyber bullying knowledge was excellent and so we have put their work on our website. You can download a copy below. It will give you more information about Cyber bullying and you may want to discuss some of the points in it with your child.