Coronavirus Update

5th March 2020


Hello pupils, families and staff.

 I have been getting lots of updates about the Coronavirus and thought I would send you some information on the back of this letter.  It is the latest guidance from the government and gives you advice on how to try and avoid catching the virus.

In Valour schools (Beech Hill Primary and Walbottle Village Primary) we are making sure the schools are ultra clean. Our staff are cleaning door handles and surfaces throughout the day and we are asking visitors to use hand gel before entering school. Our schools are very safe places to be. As CEO of Valour MAT my job is to keep all children safe and I will be following all government advice to keep you well. I do ask that all families encourage children to wash their hands, they can sing happy birthday twice through whilst washing and this will be the 20 seconds they need to wash for. Or they could sing baby shark- though this may cause parents distress as it is highly annoying.

Children who contact any virus are remarkable at recovering fully after. Coronavirus is not serious for most fit people, including children.

So my advice is wash hands, keep surfaces that are touched by many people disinfected and together we can try and keep this virus at bay.

Yours faithfully

Dame Nicola Stephenson CEO Valour MAT.