Connor Mooney Awards 2019

18th July 2019
On Monday, we held our annual Connor Mooney Awards, which we hold each year in memory of our former pupil Connor. 
Congratulations to all of this year's winners, including Year 4's Mark Waite and Year 6's Gypsy Leigh Lowery, who took home our top prizes for the whole school. 
We're very proud of our winners and of all the children in school who have shown resilience, worked hard, behaved brilliantly and tried their very best this year. 

Nursery AM Texas Armstrong and Hunter Clark

Nursery PM Millie Johnson and Frankie Durkin

F2B Lenny Quinn and Suzanna Howard

F2A Rowan Noble-O’Brien and Bella Somerville

1FM Vinni-Six Harrison-Stott and Thomas Barnes

1P Jay Fiddes and Lainey Dixon

2R Livinia Wakenshaw and Kayden Beattie

2M Harry Hall and Lola Turner

3SR Rosie Irving and Archie Bartle

3D Finley Johnstone and Kayleigh-Louise Levy

4G Ethan Stewart and Katie Jardine

4M Freddie Wilson and Alesha Dhanoa

5O Tiegan Shearer and Mason Bolam

5DM Ismail Ahmad and Scarlette Dooley

6TL Reece Young and Leonie Reay

6M Kacei Miller and Damien Brown

Star Prizes

Mark Waite and Gypsy-Leigh Lowery