Connor Mooney Awards

12th July 2018
Each year, we hold our Connor Mooney Awards, held in honour of our former pupil Connor Mooney. The teachers have chosen a boy and girl from their class to win an award, and also we choose a boy and a girl from across the whole school to win our top awards. 
Here are the names of the winners and the teachers' comments about the children they picked. 
A big well done to all the children!

Connor Mooney Award: Girls’ Prize Winner

Katie Slater

Katie has had a fantastic year again. This is not unusual for Katie which is why she has been chosen. Katie has a real love for school and this is evident in everything she does. She is organised, she shows pride in her work and she is 100% committed to everything she does. A fantastic role model. One example is Katie joined Mrs Carter's gymnastics club in Reception and has signed up for it every year since. She doesn't always find it easy and it doesn't always come natural to her but she's never given up. She attends every week and has improved greatly. Katie is so committed to school that she has had 100% attendance every year since year 1, with only 5 days absence when in Reception. A fantastic achievement. Well done Katie.


Connor Mooney Award: Boys’ Prize Winner

Aiden Storrar

We are delighted that one of the Falcons has been chosen as the overall winner of the Boys’ Prize in this year’s Connor Mooney Awards. Aiden thoroughly deserves this award for his brilliant hard work and his super attitude this year. Aiden has shown great courage and resilience. He is a bright and funny young man with lots of interesting things to say.  Well done Aiden!


Connor Mooney Award: Class prize winners.


Idrees Ahmad

Idrees has had a super Year in Nursery. Idrees works so hard at everything he does, even the jobs he doesn’t really like; he is now writing his name after lots and lots of practise. Idrees is a good friend, sharing and taking turns with others. Good luck in Reception Idrees — We know you will be a superstar!


Jennifer Campbell

Jennifer hasn’t been at Beech Hill very long but has made such a big impression on us all. She has settled in quickly, made lots of new friends and is a proper little chatter-box with the grown ups. Good luck in Reception — We know you will be a superstar!


Millie-Leigh Calvert

Millie-Leigh has had a super year in Nursery. I wish I could bottle her determination and resilience; I have never seen anyone so young try so hard at everything she wants to learn to do. The list is endless from writing her name to coming down the fireman’s pole. Millie-Leigh might still be a quieter member of the class but she has grown in confidence and joins in with everything that is going on. Good luck in Reception Millie-Leigh — We know you will be a superstar!


Zak El-Wardany

Zak has had a super Year in Nursery. He has made lots of new friends and will give everything a really good try even the things he doesn’t think he’ll be able to do. Zak has worked particularly hard learning to write his name. Good luck in Reception Zak — we know you will be a superstar!



Freddy Patterson

It has been a pleasure teaching Freddy this year.  He is a super little character with a great sense of humour, keeping us entertained daily.  Freddy has shown a great deal of determination and resilience when learning to read.  My favourite teaching moment of the year was Freddy’s reaction to reading a book word perfect for the first time, his face was beaming (along with mine). Freddy is a great role model for smiling through tricky work and never giving up.  Well done and good luck in Year One.. We know you will continue to be a superstar!



Jahmarley Dalmini

Jahmarley is an absolute superstar! From the moment he started in Beech Hill he has shown us how amazing he is.  He quickly became such a big character who everyone loved to be around.  Jahmarley has worked super hard throughout the year and has made fantastic progress, especially with his speaking.  We love seeing Jahmarley perform, he is the best singer and dancer!  We are so proud of you Jahmarley and we know you will continue to shine in year 1.


Jowan Jada

Jowan has a smile like no other, and has brightened up our class this year.  She has a lovely, bubbly personality and is everyone’s best friend. Jowan sings and dances her way through each day, and is a super role model for having the perfect attitude towards life. Jowan has worked really hard and has made fantastic progress this year, we are all very proud of what she has achieved. We wish Jowan all the best is Year One, where I know she will continue to sparkle.


Sophia Calvert

Sophia is a little ray of sunshine who lights up the classroom each day. She has such a positive attitude to learning, and gives everything 100%.  I have loved having Sophia in my class and seeing her meet any challenge with a huge big smile.  We are so proud of you Sophia, you are such a good role-model to other children. Good luck in year 1—we know you will be a superstar!


Year 1

Cruz Turnbull

Cruz is an absolute superstar and is like a different boy to the one that walked into our classroom in September. He is one of the most determined children I have ever met and doesn’t give up, no matter how tricky he might find something. Cruz has made amazing progress this year, particularly with his confidence and the fact that he believes in himself so much. Cruz is a talented footballer and popular with his friends. He has a strong sense of who he is and knows what is right and wrong, being able now to speak out if he thinks something is unfair. I know Cruz will never lose his resilience and I am excited to watch him grow into an amazing young man. Well done Cruz!


Ellie Smithers

Ellie has been a little ray of sunshine this year. She is kind, caring, loves to have a laugh and is always looking out for those around her. All year long she has worked so, so hard, and even when she’s found things tricky, she’s never let that stop her! Her attitude to her work is fantastic, always thinking ‘I can do that’ never ‘I can’t’. Even when she has a wobble, she bounces back quickly with a smile and a giggle. She has a very busy time at home, especially with brothers and the new baby this year! I know she loves her new baby sister and is a big help to her mum, but having a new baby in the house can be very tiring! However, Ellie still skips into school with a big smile on her face. She has just blown us all away this year and it has been lovely to see how she has become more and more confident as the year has gone on. Fantastic year Ellie! Well done!


Ethan Kelly

I have absolutely loved getting to know Ethan this year. He has a great sense of humour, loves to make people laugh and has the cheekiest grin. He always does his best and only ever wants to make you proud. Ethan is also one of the first children to congratulate someone else, or look after them if they are sad. But he doesn’t always find things easy, and has worked  incredibly hard to overcome some of these things this year.  His kind, caring personality means there are always lots of friends to help him handle these problems. However, due to his resilience, and determination he has made so much progress! He has started to realise it’s ok to make mistakes and is beginning to understand, and manage the way he is feeling. We are all so proud of how far he has come this year, and I know his mum is too. Well done Ethan!


Tia Palmer

Tia is like Little Miss Sunshine and lights up the room with her smile! She comes bouncing into the classroom every morning, so excited to learn something new. Tia is so enthusiastic about everything and makes us all in an even better mood when she is around...we miss her if she is ever off school as our class is not the same without her. Tia is a lovely friend to everyone, including the staff, and is always bringing things in from home that she has made. She is kind and her bubbly personality is infectious, which makes her really popular with her friends. Tia has a gorgeous singing voice and the attitude to go with it. I’m sure we’ll see her on TV in years to come. You inspire so many children with your enthusiasm and I know you will never lose your sparkle. Well done Tia!



Year 2

Jovi Gregson Gibson

Jovi is one of the most well-mannered and polite little boys I have ever met!  He always does the right thing and sets a fantastic example to others in our class.  He has a heart of gold and would do absolutely anything to help anyone – he’s always there to ask if anyone is stuck or needs a helping hand.  Jovi has a natural ability to make people feel better and cheer them up.  He is the first to say well done when someone has done something well and give a compliment when someone needs a boost.  He gives great advice and always helps to put everything in perspective, and when all else fails you can always rely on him for a good joke!


Crystal Johnston

I have taught Crystal for 2 years now and I can’t believe how much her confidence has grown!  She has gone from being a quiet little girl to being one of the first to put her hand up and contribute her ideas.  Crystal is always such a fantastic example to other children in our class.  She always does the right thing—sitting smartly, listening well and showing lovely manners.  I can always rely on her to help me out with classroom jobs and make sure our day runs smoothly.  I’m not sure what I’ll do without her!  Well done Crystal!


Vinnie Thompson

What can I say about Vinnie! He is just the biggest ray of sunshine and his smile can absolutely light up a room! He has such a fantastic attitude to life and tells us virtually every day that he is having the best day and that he loves being in school! If you are ever feeling down, find Vinnie– he’s your man. I can also honestly say I’ve never met a child that is more caring towards others. I’ve never heard him say a bad word about anyone and he is the first one to rush to a friends side if they need a helping hand- always there to give some moral support or just a big hug. Vinnie is the most perfect example of a friend and I admire so many of his qualities.  His attitude towards his learning is unbelievable and his resilience has meant he has made amazing progress. I’ve never heard him say he can’t do something, just that’s its a little bit tricky (still with a huge smile upon his face).  Because of this, his reading is now fantastic and he is an amazing mathematician. I am so proud of you Vinnie–  you have been such a superstar this year. 

Olivia Watson

If you want a brilliant example of a model pupil then Olivia is absolutely it.  She does not realise how brilliant she is and even though she is quiet, every day for the past year she has caught my eye for the right reasons. She never draws attention to herself yet is very well noticed for always doing the right thing whether it be sitting smartly on the carpet or simply saying please and thank you to others. I have never heard her say something is too hard and this determined nature has driven her throughout the year allowing her to make amazing progress! She is extremely hardworking and is such a helpful friend to others. As well of this, Olivia is our class’ little Paula Radcliffe. She amazed us all by coming first in both the Junior Great North Run and our Schools 500 games. I have genuinely loved teaching Olivia and I can’t wait to see what the future in school holds for her.  I know I will keep hearing her name as she moves up the school as it will be impossible for teachers to not notice her amazing talents and genuine kindness. Thank you for being an amazing part of our class this year.


Year 3

Jenson Walker

Jenson has been a fantastic person to have in our class this year. He is always keen to learn and by his own omission, loves every subject. He enters into all lessons with a quiet enthusiasm and always tries hard to do his best. He has grown in confidence and now regularly shares his ideas with others. He has very good general knowledge because he takes an active interest in everything around him. He has impressed with his excellent mental arithmetic skills and enjoys a challenge. Jenson is a keen boxing enthusiast and entered into our boxing sessions this year, keen to impart his knowledge to others and willing to help them improve.  He is one of those lovely children who is able to work cooperatively with any other member of the class, supporting them as needed. Jenson is always kind and caring. He is very reliable and is always willing to help. He has been a lovely person to have in our class this year and we will miss his good sense of humour and enthusiasm next year.


Molly Dudding

It has been brilliant having Molly in the class this year. Molly is a lovely girl who always works hard and does her best. She has excellent behaviour and a super attitude. Although she is quiet, she has a great sense of humour. Well done Molly, you really deserve this award.


Jessica Beaton

Jessica has been a shining light in Year 3 this year. Throughout the year she has been a force field of positivity in the classroom and everyday has been ready to learn. Jessica has always been on hand to look out for other members of the class and has been there to support, guide and help anyone she works with. Jessica has an amazing attitude to everything she does and irrespective of the subject will give her best to every task she is given. She is always polite and has a brilliant sense of humour. We will all miss her as she starts life in a new school in September. However, we are sure she will be as big a star in her new school as she has been in ours. Good luck with everything.


Michael Fleming

Michael has really shone across this past year. He started as a quiet individual but has come out of his shell as the year has progressed. He has shown great determination and also his creative side in subjects such as Art and DT.  We have loved Michael’s sense of humour. He has entertained us with his weird and wonderful questions but has also contributed his excellent ideas to the class as his confidence has grown. Michael has worked extremely hard both in class, and at after school booster sessions, and shown an excellent commitment to improving his work at school. We will miss him greatly as he moves in Year 4. Well done for all your hard work this year.


Year 4

Jenny Repp

Jenny is an amazing young lady who has shown this year that whatever challenges you are faced with, with a positive attitude you can achieve anything. She has shown a resilience and attitude beyond her years and for this she should be very proud. She doesn’t find everything naturally easy but puts in the work at school and out of school to ensure she meets her goals. She has grown massively in confidence when it comes to being on the stage. She recently performed a solo at her Brownie group. She also is an avid fundraiser for charity and always considers the needs of others. I am so thrilled that I will get the chance to teach her again next year!


Luca Berhaut

Luca is a perfect example of what we should aim for at Beech Hill! He has shown this year that whatever your starting point if you put the work in, you can achieve your goal. Luca has worked so incredibly hard this year, he has a brilliant attitude to school. He is always prepared with his PE kit, his homework is always done, he always practises his spellings and he has done amazingly well at moving through our times table challenge board this term. I am so thrilled that I get to teach Luca for another year as who knows what he can achieve in the year ahead. 


Alfie Turnbull

Alfie has been an absolute star this year; growing in confidence every day! He is a well mannered boy who I would recommend that anyone who needs a friend or a role model in the school should follow his example. Alfie always tries hard and has made outstanding progress this year. Alfie has excellent motivation; he pushes himself to succeed and has great resilience (something he has shown brilliantly in his spellings this year). Alfie is one of the most driven children I have had the pleasure of teaching. He has pushed himself to improve his reading this year, showing his natural determination and commitment to succeed. Alfie has taken on any feedback happily and immediately tried to put it into use. Alfie doesn't always find everything easy but knows where he struggles and is learning to ask for help when he needs it. Having Alfie in my first ever class, watching him grow has assured me that moving career into teaching was the right decision and I want to thank him for that. I could not think of a boy more deserving of this award, I have loved teaching Alfie; he has been an asset to our class. Well done Alfie!


Tiegan Shearer

Tiegan has been an absolute superstar this year, she is a pleasure to teach. She always makes me laugh with her great sense of humour and infectious smile. She always does the right thing in lessons, listening well, helping others and showing lovely manners.  I can always rely on her to help me out with classroom jobs and make sure our day runs smoothly, I’m really not sure what I will do without her next year! Tiegan has brightened up my day on many occasions this year through her love of art, showing myself and the class all the wonderful things she has drawn, painted or created at home. I have been hugely impressed with her work ethic keeping going until the end of the lesson, even if she finds the work difficult, and she always tries to improve. Tiegan is a friend to everyone in her class, including her teachers. She has great empathy and is very aware of any children who may be struggling, being the first to offer her help. She always thinks of others without realising the positive effect it has on them, her actions can make somebody’s day brighter and I will miss her hugely! I could not think of a girl more deserving of this award, I have loved teaching Tiegan; she has been an integral part of our class. Well done Tiegan!


Year 5

Through the loss of a fantastic and brave friend Jac, you have shown bravery, determination and resilience in what has been a really tricky year. You are still smiling and we are so proud of you.


Year 6

Lennon Hewitson

It has been an absolute pleasure teaching Lennon this year. He might be a quieter member of the year group but he has so many admirable qualities which makes him really stand out: he’s polite, kind, caring, enthusiastic, hard-working and is really keen to succeed in whatever he sets his mind to. He has amazing morals and knows right from wrong; he sticks up for what he believes in even if this goes against his peers which is a great quality to have. Not only that, but he is a brilliant artist and I have loved seeing your notebook full of drawing this year. It’s been a privilege to watch your confidence grow in year 6 —you’ve been a little shining star!


Lily Dugdale

Lily I love how wonderfully unique you are. It takes a strong character to plan your own script to present Beech Hill’s Got Talent in front of the whole school. You have a great sense of humour and I loved seeing you perform as part of a comedy double act in the Panto. And as a cherry on top, you are hard-working, polite, kind and caring too. I can see a great future ahead of you—maybe even on Britain’s Got Talent performing as a comedy stand up act! Whatever you put your mind to you will succeed because you have such a positive attitude! We will definitely miss you next year.


Lucky Amer

Lucky has been a pleasure to have in class this year, he is always exceptionally hard working in every subject. Lucky is someone who always does the right thing, he is very diplomatic and encourages others to get along and make the right choices. Lucky has a very caring and thoughtful personality and looks out for everyone. Lucky is the perfect role model for everyone to aspire to be like. 


Sammi Gibbons

Sammi has the enviable record of being the only person in our class to have 100% attendance for the year and it is this drive to come into school and succeed that has seen Sammi make great progress this year – even in the lessons she finds difficult. She is a quiet but popular girl, who is caring and sensitive to towards others and will brighten everyone’s day- mine included- with her beautiful sunbeam smile. Thankyou Sammi for all your hard work this year and keep being you!