Connor Mooney Awards

7th July 2016

Nursery: Morning: Lacey Kew and Archie Rowan;  Afternoon: Tilly Waite and Cruz Turnbull.

Reception: F2A: Joseph Richardson and Francis Hewitson;  F2B: Connor Swinburne and Mya jones.

Year 1: 1FR: Mark Waite and Ellie Featherstone;  1M: Levi Murray and Katie Scott.

Year 2: 2Hi: Logan Bennett and Scarlet Somerville; 2Ho: Anthony Somerville and Scarlette Dooley.

Year 3: 3P: Lexie Booth and Mark Kernon; 3M: Rosie O’Brien and Shane Ramsay.

Year 4: 4SR: Jake Richardson and Madison Armstrong; 4D: Anthony Craig and Lily Dugdale.

Year 5: 5W: Mason Telfer and Sherelle Booth; 5O: Erin Hutchins and John Preston.

Year 6: 6TL: Owen Wilson and Shannon Docherty; 6M: Sinead Kelly and Adam Ramsay.

Star Award: Billy Hall and Victoria Howard.

We are all very proud of our winners. Well done!