Clubs and before/ after school provision

Please see below for the list of dates and times of our Spring after school clubs.
Gymnastics, Mrs Carter, Reception and Year 1, 4:00pm finish.
Computing, Mrs Donaldson, Years 3-6, 4:00pm finish.
Character Club, Miss Farnham, Years 4-6, 4:00pm finish.
Board games, Chess and Jigsaws, Mrs Morren, Years 4-6, 4:00pm finish.
Tinkering, Miss Farnham, Reception, 4:00pm finish.
Multiskills, Mrs Dickenson, Reception-Year 2, 4:00pm finish.
Kahoot, Mr Wortington, Years 3-6, 4:00pm finish.
Colouring, Mrs Opie, Reception- Year 6, 4:00pm finish.
Gymnastics, Mrs Carter, Years 2-6, 4:00pm finish.
Bingo, Mr Greenwood, Years 2-6, 4:00pm finish.
Science, Mrs Scott, Years 3-6, 4:00pm finish.
Forest / Gardening, Mrs Morren and Mrs Dickenson, Years 1-6, 4:00pm finish.
ipads, Miss Witty, Years 3-5, 4:00pm finish.
Small world, Mrs Carter, Years 1 to 6, 4:00pm finish.
Lego, Mrs Opie, Years 1-4, 4:00pm finish.