In addition to our free morning Breakfast Club and our free after school service Kangaroo Club, Beech Hill also offers children a range of extra curricular clubs.

Children have the opportunity to sign up for after school clubs at the start of each new term. Details of new clubs are sent out at the start of a new term along with a form for you to complete for your child.

Demand for places at clubs is high, so places are allocated on a first come, first served basis, though we try our very best to accommodate the children’s wishes and place them into their preferred club.

In addition to these clubs, teachers may contact you to invite your child to a Booster or Reach for the Stars group. These small Booster groups are designed to help some children look again at areas of literacy and numeracy where they may need extra help. In Reach for the Stars meanwhile, we introduce children to new literacy and numeracy skills to help them achieve their very best.  


* Fencing, Premier Sport, Year 4 and 5, 4pm finish.
* Art, Miss Potts, Years 3-6, 4pm finish.
* Forest School, Mrs Morren and Miss Richardson, Years 1-6, 4:30pm finish. 
* Colouring, Mrs March, Years 1-3, 4pm finish.
* Running, Mrs Skinner, Years 3-6, 4pm finish.
* Dance, Miss Farnham, Year 2-6, 4pm finish.
* Boys and Girls Football, Mr Wooton, Years 1 and 2, 4pm finish.
* Lego, Mrs Carter, Years 1-6, 4pm finish.
* Cooking, Miss Ghulam and Miss Comber, Year 2 and 3, 4:15pm finish.
* Film Club, Mrs MacDonald, Years 3-6, 5pm finish.
* Sports Hall Athletics, Miss Richardson, Year 2-6, 4pm finish.
* Gardening, Mrs Morren, Years 1-6, 4pm finish.
* Technology/Computing, Mrs Kemp, Years 2-6, 4pm finish.
* Film Club, Miss Ghulam and Miss Comber, Year 1 and 2, 5pm finish.
* Gymnastics, Mrs Carter, Years 1-6, 4pm finish.
* Rugby, External coaches, Years 3-6, 4:15pm finish.
* Science, Mrs Scott, Years 3-6, 4pm finish.
Below, you can all see data from previous clubs showing the number of requests and the number of places allocated.