Bug Club

We have an exciting, new online reading opportunity for our children!  Through Bug Club, children can read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts at their own level and complete activities relating to the texts they have read.


Bug Club can be accessed through a website called Active Learn. Please click the link below.
You will then be asked for your log in details. You will have received your child's log in details via text. 
You will need to enter your child's username, which should be written all in lower case letters.
Then you will need to enter your child's password. This will start with a capital letter.
Finally, you will enter the school code, which is beec.  
Below are two videos explaining how to log in to Bug Club and how to access the books and questions once you have logged in. 
Bug Club works on PC and laptop, and also on tablets and smartphones. All you need to do is go online and access the Active Learn website
Here are some of our children trying out Bug club for the first time. 
Are you having trouble accessing Bug club? Then please download the helpful troubleshooting guide below. It will explain how to solve problems such as:
* issues with Internet Explorer
* tablets and phones not allowing pop ups
* allowing cookies on your devices
Below, you can also download the guide for parents about Bug Club and book bands.
If you are concerned about internet access, please visit our Home Larning Library page for information about how to borrow books from school. However, if you do have internet access, please use Bug Club as your main reading resource.