British Science Week

Over the last two weeks, we have been celebrating British Science Week in school. This is a national event across the country and we have been marking the occasion by having science lessons every day. Some parents have even been into school to see the activities taking place.

We’d like to share with you a few photos and details about Science week.

Over in Nursery and Reception, the children were visited by Zoo Lab, who brought in a selection of unusual animals for the children to see and touch (if they were feeling brave enough).

Across the school, children have been set various challenges this week including building the tallest tower they can make out of paper, discovering which material is best for blocking out sound, programming electric lights and building a bridge which could support a weight.

To finish the week off, the children had lessons about space. Some of the older year groups also had a trip inside the Planetarium.  Thank to our friends at the Centre for Life for bringing in this amazing inflatable creation which showed the children the wonders of our galaxy. We also marked our space day by asking children to come to school either dressed as something from space, or as a scientist (thank you for helping your children with their costumes – there were some amazing ones!).

We hope the children enjoyed science week and that they gained lots of new knowledge about this vital area of the curriculum.