Big Garden Birdwatch

Our first home school science project of the year is going to be the


Which will take place on the weekend of 29th- 31st January.

Here is how you take part.

The tally sheets and identification sheets you need to complete the bird watch are available here or you can pick them up from the school office from Monday, 25th January.

You need to choose an hour on these dates. Anytime of the day will do. This year the advice is to take part in the safety of your own home. This could include a birdwatch from your window if you overlook a green space or courtyard.

Complete the tally sheet of your choice using the identification sheet to help you identify the birds.

Further help on identifying the birds can be found here.

Popular Garden Birds to Look Out For | Big Garden Birdwatch - The RSPB

Count the birds you see from your window. Ignore any birds that are still in flight. To avoid double-counting, just record the highest number of each bird species you see at any one time – not a running total.

You can submit your findings one of 2 ways;

  1.      Online: You can create an account and submit your results online at from 29 January until 19 February.
  2.      You can return your result sheets to the office by Thursday, 4th February and the school will post them in.

Every count is important so, if you don’t see anything, please still submit your result. Finding out which birds don’t visit your area is as important as understanding those that do.

Live lessons.

To help involve your child, BBC is posting a series of live lessons on Thursday, 28th January at 11.00.

The Big Schools Winterwatch Live Lesson - BBC Teach

The resources here can be used with these lessons.


It would be great if as many children as possible took part so we can make our first home school science project a great success.

Enjoy your bird watching.