Attendance has been disappointing this year.   We are hoping for an improvement in attendance from September 2018. 

From September 2018 we will be reintroducing our attendance power point and children with 100% attendance and excellent punctuality will have their names entered and have a chance of winning a £10 voucher for Morrison’s or Olly and Joe’s on a monthly basis

We will continue with the race track highest attendance challenge, meaning two classes every half term will have movie afternoon with hot dogs. 

We are also introducing Birthday Bonus – if it is your birthday you can choose to wear your own clothes for the day.  If your birthday is at the weekend you can wear your own clothes on Friday, if it is during the holiday you can wear your own clothes on the Friday before we break up.

Children, whose attendance is above 95%, will be given the opportunity to represent the school at events.  Children whose attendance is less than 95% may not be offered this opportunity to represent the school as it is imperative they do not to miss any aspect of their education that may impact on their academic potential.

Several families have been issued with fixed penalty notices due to low attendance, in addition to this several fines have been issued by court  – we are hoping this will be significantly reduced next year but if your child’s attendance falls below 92% we will be inviting you into school to discuss strategies to support you and your child.  If there is no improvement and evidence of illness is not produced, we will refer to the Attendance Service for legal monitoring. 

From September 2018 we will be requesting that the Local Authority issue penalty notices for holidays taken during term time.  This may include holidays taken during the Summer term 2018.