Art Week Winners

12th July 2018

This week, instead of our usual awards for Literacy and Numeracy, we are sharing the names of the children who won awards for their work during Arts Week, along with some photos from the week.   

Arts Week is a chance for children to shine and show their talents in different ways, whether it be through dance, drama, music or drawing. 

This year, we decided that Arts Week would all be about being 'Stronger Together'.

Well done to our winners and we hope you like the photos as well.


Karina Kausilate

Rhys Rolph

Jay Fiddes

Livia Berkhout

Muhammad Azad

Frankie Topping

Ellie Smithers

Kayden Pringle

Lily May Jardine

Kaden Barrass

Zak El-Wardary

Tessa Maughn

Lola Turner

Declan Dunwoodie

Ebony Churcher

Presley Mkwebu

Leona Rogerson

Jack Calvert

Georgia Haug

Katie Scott

Lina Liu

Archie Harrison

Tiegan Shearer

Leo Hardman

George Johnston

Dean Wallace

Megan Watson

Mason Bolam

Ronnie Couley

Joey Thorton

Saidou Jallow

Bethany Wallace

Lily Dugdale

Thomas Young

Bradley Wallace

Olivia Toward

Bradley Eagleson