Reader, Writer, Speller, Mathematician and Star of the Week

29th April 2022
It's that time of the week when we gladly announce our award winners from across the school. Every Friday we pick our readers, writers, spellers, mathematicians and stars of the week. Well done to all the children who have been picked for their hard work, progress and super attitudes. 


Reader of the Week – Heidi Lowery

Writer of the Week – Amelia McRoberts

Mathematician of the Week – Michael Markov

Star of the Week – Aghar Moulana



Reader of the Week – Paul Smith

Writer of the Week – Kai Rowe

Mathematician of the Week – Kodie Gregan

Star of the Week – Harlie Fatkin



Reader of the Week – Livvy Dixon

Writer of the Week – Leon Scott

Mathematician of the Week – Callum Brown

Speller of the week – Leo Spence

Star of the Week – Isla Lowdon



Reader of the Week – Charlie Jardine

Writer of the Week – Jessie Dixon

Mathematician of the Week – Dwoki Jada

Speller of the week – Poppy Edwards

Star of the Week – Hunter Clarke



Reader of the Week – Payton-May Barton

Mathematician of the Week – Jackson Peters

Speller of the week – George Roach

Star of the Week – Korben Butler



Reader of the Week – Millie Johnson

Writer of the Week – Charlie Haswell

Mathematician of the Week – Evan Ford

Speller of the week – Daisie Robinson

Star of the Week – Chloe Moulding



Reader of the Week – Vinnie Mann

Writer of the Week – Riley Bartle

Mathematician of the Week – Poppy Yeoman

Speller of the week – Bayleigh Burnett

Star of the Week – Joey Slater



Reader of the Week – Lilly Oetting

Writer of the Week – Wayne Fraser

Mathematician of the Week – MJ Keenan

Speller of the week – Poppy Scott

Star of the Week – Thomas Stewart



Reader of the Week – Samuel Carpenter

Writer of the Week – Karina Kausilaite

Mathematician of the Week – Livia Berkhout

Speller of the week – Jessica Lewis

Star of the Week – Lilly-Ann Turnbull



Reader of the Week – Jay Fiddes

Writer of the Week – Bobby Lockey

Mathematician of the Week – Adelina Voicu

Speller of the week – Archie Smith

Star of the Week – Jahmarley Dlamini



Reader of the Week – Lily-Anne Nevin

Writer of the Week – Thomas Mann

Mathematician of the Week – Phoebe Donaldson

Speller of the week – Jenson Wilson

Star of the Week – AJ Kelley



Reader of the Week – Grace Clark

Writer of the Week – Blake Chapman

Mathematician of the Week – Mia Knightley

Speller of the week – Joshua Scott

Star of the Week – Blake Chapman



Reader of the Week – Sophie Nicoll

Writer of the Week – Ella Liddle

Mathematician of the Week – Astro Miah Bolam

Speller of the week – Jake Ferguson

Star of the Week – Legoshi Miah-Bolam



Reader of the Week – Lexi Darrington

Writer of the Week – Will Wallace

Mathematician of the Week – Billy Kay

Speller of the week – Leighton Lambert

Star of the Week – Callum Telfer