Latest Attendance Figures

30th April 2021
Here are our attendance figures for the first week back at school after the Easter holidays, the week beginning the 19th April.
Attendance across the school increased this week to 96.5%

Following the first week of the half term the attendance table is looking as follows:


1st  Elephants (1KJ) and Beagles (2M)

2nd Meerkats (3M)

3rd Leopards (3D) 


Class % Attendance
F2A 97.1
F2B 95.3
1R 93.8
1KJ 100
2M 100
2G 96.5
3M 98.7
3D 98.3
4M 95.3
4O 91.3
5MS 97.3
5R 97.7
6M 92.3
6TL 97.9
TOTAL 96.5