A Special Visitor From The Gambia

8th July 2016
A few years ago, we bought some new tables and chairs for our classrooms and instead of just getting rid of the old ones, we donated them to a school in The Gambia, Africa. The name of that school was Atkinson Ashfield Nursery School in Busumbala.

Today in assembly, we had a special visitor. The headteacher of Atkinson Ashfield, Ebrima Jadama, who is visiting schools in Newcastle, asked if he could visit the school that had donated the furniture. So today it was arranged from Ebrima to come and meet us and speak in our assembly.

It was a brilliant assembly. We greeted Ebrima with our Beech Hill haka and then he spoke to the children. Ebrima explained what a big different the resources had made to his school. He told the children about the importance of valuing education and to get the most out of what we have in our school. Ebrima also explained that the ideas he picked up on his last visit to Newcastle in 2011 had helped to transform his school into one of the best in The Gambia. He thanked us for all our help. 

This was a truly inspirational assembly that will live long in the memories of the teachers and the children.